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  • Power Supply

    Internal and external power supply, Charger and adapter

  • Consumption

    Flat TV and set top box, music player, Home entertainment system, White household appliances

  • Signal communication

    Tablet PCs, Intelligent mobile phone, Switch and router, network equipment, Smart wear

  • Green lightingen lighting

    Outdoor lighting, Residential lighting, Commercial and industrial lighting

  • Industry

    Smart grid and electric meter, Monitoring and monitoring, Motor control, Test equipment

  • Solar energy

    Solar junction box, Solar inverter

  • Computer

    Notebook, ultrabook, Desktop and integrated machine, Game machine and graphics card, Server and workstation,

  • Medical care

    Implantable device, Listening equipment, imaging, Diagnosis, Treatment and surveillance

  • Automobile

    Body electronics and lighting, Information entertainment system

  • Internet of things

    Network based on Internet, traditional telecommunication network and other information carrier to realize interconnected network